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Whole Planet Foundation

Company News: Whole Foods Market on Facebook. August calendar image: Yamileth has used her microloans to start and expand her pig raising business and to improve her animal welfare practices.

whole planet foundation twitter

After two years of successful maize harvest, thanks to microlending support, Anne was able to purchase a cow to provide milk for her family and to sell at the local market. Print this article Click for Hi-Resolution.

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whole planet foundation twitter

Whole Foods Market Newsroom. March calendar image: Calendar cover image: For more information, visit wholeplanetfoundation. She has used her microloans to open a small shop to sell the agricultural goods her family harvests.

Make a date to change lives: New Whole Planet Foundation® calendar changes the face of poverty

She has used her microloans to help expand her family chicken farm. July calendar image: YouTube Channel. The calendar also features photos of microcredit clients from 13 of the 61 countries where the Whole Planet Foundation alleviates poverty.

whole planet foundation twitter

Each calendar helps fund microlending projects for poverty alleviation across Latin America, Asia, Africa and the U. Austin, Texas Nov. Devotha has used her microloans to purchase bulk beans, tomatoes and small dried fish for her business.

whole planet foundation twitter