Who wrote the book endless love

Beside the romance between David and Jade, the novel does a decent job at analyzing love at a more mature age, both in the Axelrod and Butterfield families.

Endless Love Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Alex Pettyfer Drama HD

New York is the place in America where you're most likely to meet someone you know; it's our capital of surprise encounters. Altro punto negativo: The book is, not so much to its credit, consistently tedious, because David Axelrod is just a tedious character and reading page after page of his lonely, delusional rants is fundamentally an exhausting task.

who wrote the book endless love

I'd seen the horrific Zeffirelli film several years ago, and had no idea it was loosely based on this novel, because I didn't know this novel existed until a couple of my GR friends added it to their shelves.

To its credit, I managed to read Endless Love fairly quickly, so it wasn't intolerable.

who wrote the book endless love

The themes and imagery motifs are well-constructed and carefully woven into the narrative. The descriptions grip at your guts and tingle all the way down through your toes. What unfolds is a nightmare, a dark world in which David's love is a crime and a disease, a world of anonymous phone calls, crazy letters, and new fears — and the inevitable and punishing pursuit of the one thing that remains most real to him: In the opening lines, the first-person narrator tells us that his life was divided forever by the story he begins to relate; he tells us that he is about to set fire to a house holding his girlfriend and the four people that he cares most about in the world.


I wish we saw a little more of his parents' relationship because, as Jewish Communists in the late 60s, they are pretty damn interesting. He brings to the surface the insanity we have all experienced in relation to our first and perhaps second? A Ship Made of Paper 2003. The funeral brings Jade to N. Intense, unique descriptions.

Anything else was an obstacle in his way of returning to them. They had taken him in.

who wrote the book endless love

What he didn't anticipate, however, is that the little fire would grow big fast and quickly gut the whole house. Read his books instead of heading to the movie theater. Read More About This Book One of the most celebrated novels of its time, Endless Love remains perhaps the most powerful novel ever written about young love.

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David Axelrod's account of his passion for Jade Butterfield takes the form of a criminal confession, with the accused pleading his case before the jury formed by the reader. I used to believe that there is no such thing as an endless love.

who wrote the book endless love

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