Who makes augsburger beer glasses

Excellent condition except for a tiny chip on the rim of the glass.

who makes augsburger beer glasses

These were used in the brewery's hospitality center, the Mountain Room, in the 1960s. Displays well when back lit at right.

who makes augsburger beer glasses

It's just a representation of this version of the logo right. Examples of this smaller version are rarely seen, and was referred to as a "short beer" or a "chaser.

Good condition. Pre-prohibition glasses include both etched and embossed. The styles include: Heidelberg Glasses.

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For mobile devices: Later owned by Minneapolis Brewing, but went bankrupt in 2002. You may then make payment by check, money order, or PayPal.

who makes augsburger beer glasses

Miller glasses "Miller High Life" in red, on a 6" tall, dimple schooner. Good condition for this older beer mug with some fading to the logo.

who makes augsburger beer glasses

Fair condition. Olympia glasses.

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The image on the back is from this 1938 ad. No chips or dings.

who makes augsburger beer glasses

Distinctive glass! Pre-Prohibition Etched shells. Excellent condition. These are often referred to as Short Beers used as a beer chaser.