When will my state tax refund arrive

If you remember your password, login. Just be aware that you need to pay any money due by the tax deadline, or you may owe penalties or fees. I e filed on January 29,2016 and the expected refund date according to turbo tax is January 30-February 19 do you think it will come then or before I been using turbo tax for awhile now and it seemed like I got them less than 3 weeks what you think?

Tax Refund Schedule: When Will You Get Your IRS Tax Refund in 2019?

Return accepted January 25th. So make sure to keep your tax records , as well as important forms like your 1040. No code no anything just that its processing.

when will my state tax refund arrive

I filed my taxes at Accounting Plus on Jan 18th, they accepted them on the 20th. Login Advisor Login Newsletters.

How to Check Your State Tax Refund Status

How to use the Income Tax Department's e-Filing website The first step is to either login or register on the website.

I called the IRS yesterday, and after a wait of 43 minutes finally spoke to a live person.

2018 IRS Income Tax Refund Chart - When Will I Get My Tax Refund?

And how long once I get them the information will we receive our refund? That's most likely going to take a little longer in 2019, however. Have you received yours? Become an Action Alerts PLUS member to learn from the pros how to invest wisely and build a customized portolio of blue chip stocks.

when will my state tax refund arrive

Hi, I filed taxes for insolvency due to discharged debt via electronically. Not Determined What does this mean? I was informed my refund was approved and I should be receiving it the week of March 1st.

when will my state tax refund arrive

In some cases, this could also mean that you have some past taxes outstanding with the I-T department which will be adjusted against the tax refund requested by you. I was told that it was sent to further review and that process takes up to 8 weeks. Refund Paid Step 1.

When Will I Get My Tax Refund? 2018 Tax Year Refund Schedule (2019 Tax Season)

According to your chart, I should have my direct deposit on Feb. I filed on February 1st and was accepted. Did you e-file your Tax return for this year? Uhh, Is this normal?? My refund was accepted on Feb 1 and the status is saying that it is still being processed. When you will get your 2019 income tax refund.

7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Received Your Tax Refund

I filed my taxes on January 28, and received a 5071c letter on February 15, stating I needed to verify my Identity.

Thanks, Robert! I e-filed and opted for direct deposit. As alluded to above, the IRS previously released an annual schedule to help taxpayers better plan around tax season so tax-filers will know when they can expect to receive their refund check.