What veg can iguanas eat celery

Iguana Feeding

Yahoo Answers. RepCal has come out with a diet that is in a pellet form that is very colorful color appeal to our igs and palatable tasty tasty as well as completely fortified with vitamins, minerals. Too much protein may actually be harmful to a pet iguana. Feeding your iguana a well balanced diet of greens, vegetables, fruits and some other foods will help ensure that you have a happy and healthy pet. Shops specializing in reptiles will inform you about the many varieties of prepared specific food for iguanas.

I myself use this diet especially with sick or malnurished rescue iguanas, as well as offering it along with veggies, greens, leaves and fruits for my iguana. I've watched too many iguanas come in with advanced cases of metabolic bone disease, malnutrition and stunted growth from having diets comprised mostly of lettuce. My Green Iguana hasn't eaten in two months?

Food & Diet

You want to rotate foods within each group so you aren't keeping your iguana on only a few types for their life. Taffy's Gallery. Well, plain and simple... Iguana Information. However, they can be found in red and even pink or black depending on their geographical origin. This is a convenient way to add necessary vitamins and mineral contained in the pelleted food to the iguana's diet. Email for further discussion on this. Many health food stores carry dried dandelion and other edible herbs that can be offered to captive iguanas all year round.

Running warm water over the frozen food is a quick way to thaw it.

Diet of the Green Iguana

So even if you can get the veggies and want to add them with this diet, you can't go wrong! The green iguana, also called common or American iguana , is truly green in color when it is young. This is not the case for green iguanas.

They must be organically grown with NO pesticides and NO added chemicals for color. Related Questions Can iguanas eat celery leaves? You should also use specific food supplements.