What is heating under reflux

The choice of solvent dictates the temperature range you can reach; e. Curriculum links. The vapours produced above the reaction continually undergo condensation, returning to the flask as a condensate.

The interactive lab primer - heating under reflux

See more lab techniques or visit the interactive lab primer home. The term 'reflux' describes an arrangement in which a reaction is carried out in a boiling solvent with the vapour being condensed and returned to the reaction vessel.

Heating under reflux

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what is heating under reflux

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what is heating under reflux

Jump to main content. The interactive lab primer - solvent extraction Aspirin screen experiment Organic liquid quizzes: When heated to the boiling point, the solvent will partially evaporate and recondense on colder surfaces. Entropy S Organic Chemistry: Periodic Table. As such, most organic chemicals are quite volatile, and if heated they will evaporate and be lost.

what is heating under reflux

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what is heating under reflux

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Organic Chemistry – What is Reflux?

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what is heating under reflux

Otherwise, a heating mantle is simply used.