What is dph hardness

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Vickers Diamond Pyramid Hardness tester

Toggle navigation Menu. The use of a scratch-hardness test for these purposes was mentioned earlier, but an indentation-hardness test has been found to be more useful.

what is dph hardness

Part Two. This testing can be used for all metals and has one of the widest scales among hardness tests.

what is dph hardness

Diamond pyramid hardness is also known as Vickers hardness or the Vickers pyramid number. A minor load of 10 kg is first applied to seat the specimen. Diamond pyramid hardness DPH is a measurement of a material's hardness, equal to the value of the load divided by the surface area of the indentation. The dial is reversed so that a high hardness, which corresponds to a small penetration, results in a high hardness number.

Hardness Testing

The mechanical properties data will be then be displayed along with all selected material information for your reference. For a cold-worked material the Meyer hardness is essentially constant and independent of load, while the Brinell hardness decreases as the load increases. On the other hand, the large size of the Brinell impression may preclude the use of this test with small objects or in critically stressed parts where the indentation could be a potential site of failure.

what is dph hardness

Scratch hardness is of primary interest to mineralogists. Meyer proposed an empirical relation between the load and the size of the indentation.

A Rockwell hardness number without the letter prefix is meaningless.

what is dph hardness

Rockwell Hardness Test The most widely used hardness test is the Rockwell hardness test. The A scale diamond penetrator, 60-kg major load provides the most extended Rockwell hardness scale, which is usable for materials from annealed brass to cemented carbides.

what is dph hardness

On the subgroup page, click the Mechanical Properties link to view property data for the selected material. Free Guide! The surface to be tested should be clean and dry, smooth, and free from oxide.