Rammstein alter mann bedeutung whatsapp

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This song always seemed highly philosophical to me. He then calls for the old man to save him from the same fate. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Everyone is aging at each time of the day, every second and only by looking at your own reflection, you can see how much, to what extend and how fast. Fan remixes of songs will be allowed within reason after the song has been officially released.

rammstein alter mann bedeutung whatsapp

Alter Mann song meanings. Uta Kroll Head of Convention Bureau. Add your thoughts 7 Comments. If the boy spent so much of his life dreaming and having fun throwing the rock in the water his view of reality may become disorted like the water, or he may be unable to cope with a reality so void of "fairy tale magic" The fan pressed against his body his hand stiffens with rigor mortis they had to break his fingers the fan stays back in the sand The old man's hands stiffening may represent a person not wanting to give up their way of life.


Martin Sturzenegger CEO. The chorus is in English is: If anyone else here has read or heard it, can they make the same connection?

rammstein alter mann bedeutung whatsapp

Like cut and paste. That is fanmade.

Rammstein - Alter Mann [Vocal Cover]

Maybe getting ready of the elder people? This realization of age and aging turns obsessive, depressing for the one submitted to this epiphany, making him want to flee.

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Narcissus his obsession was a curse inflicted by the Gods, so the situation in Alter Mann , where another man gains the same obsession would be impossible in the ancient Greek story. General Comment its about being lost and trapped on a lonely island, till mentioned it.

rammstein alter mann bedeutung whatsapp

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