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Continue to 2 of 5 below. More information is available from the Khetwadi Ganraj website. More information is available from the Mumbaicha Raja website. An added attraction when visiting the Khetwadi Ganraj is that there's a Ganesh idol in almost every lane in the area -- so you'll have plenty to see! A convenient aspect of this mandal is that it has an elevated walkway set up to aid viewing of the idol. Andhericha Raja. The Navas Darshan line takes devotees right to the idol's feet, whereas the Mukh Darshan line offers viewing darshan from a distance of around 10 meters away.

By Sharell Cook.

5 Famous Mumbai Ganesh Mandals and Themes for 2018

It lost its shine to the Lalbaugcha Raja in the late 1990s but still pulls in the crowds. It's open around the clock.

It takes around 20 hours. This temple is one of the larger and more famous temples of the eight revered Ashtavinayaka shrines of Lord Ganesh in the state. It was formed for the benefit of the mill workers in 1928, making it the oldest one in the area. Where to Stay. Its legendary design is now patent-protected. Akshardham temple in Delhi. The mandal was established in 1959 but found fame in 2000, when it made the highest Ganesh idol in Indian history, standing 40 feet tall.

The procession for the immersion visarjan on the last day of the festival starts out from 8 a. Wait times of seven to 10 hours can be expected in the Mukh Darshan line when it's busy.

The nearest stations are Charni Road and Sandhurst Road. The mandal's theme is usually a replica of a significant temple in India. However, it has a reputation for fulfilling wishes.