How to map keyboard in mainframe

Lists the script files available for key mapping.

how to map keyboard in mainframe

The new keyboard shortcut appears in the table under Keyboard Mapper. The Ctrl key is mapped to the Enter function by default for the 3270 and 5250 emulators.

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Adds a new key mapping entry to the Key Mappings list box. Delete a Mouse Action. Open the session you wish to change the keyboard mapping for. Enter appears in the Key Combinations column of the New Line row. From there:.

Remapping 3270 keyboard settings

Select Save from the Session menu to save the changes. In the Create a New Keyboard Map file dialog box, select a keyboard map file to use as a template for your new file for example, Default 3270. Restrictions on key remapping Please note the following restrictions on key remapping:. Reflection pre-configures all session documents to use a built-in keyboard map file.

Bill Dennis wrote: Select a built-in keyboard map.

how to map keyboard in mainframe

It should take you straight to the edit screen, unless somebody's messed up the primary options menu so that it doesn't go there It works as distributed by IBM, but a lot of sites change that initial menu. On the Reflection menu, choose Tools , and then Mouse Mapper. To assign unique mappings for duplicate keys, follow the steps for Assigning keys to functions.

how to map keyboard in mainframe

It is included because someone is sure to want it, but I don't recommend it generally, as also discussed in the same addendum SO, If you like selecting things by double-clicking the mouse, and if you set up the Hotspots settings as decribed above, you now have a bonus.

On the Reflection menu, choose Tools , and then Keyboard Mapper. While you're still there, on the keyboard mapping screen, you may as well map the " Page Up " key to F7.