How to make lists on twitter ipad

How to Create and Manage Twitter Lists

Swiping on a tweet will pull in any related tweets. Once you find a list you want to follow, click the " Follow this list " button to follow the list. Why Would You Use Lists?

how to make lists on twitter ipad

In-app purchases are available to enable push notifications and tweet translation and remove ads. If you create a private list, it means you're the only one who can see it; private lists cannot be viewed by others.

The Best Twitter App for iOS

Create a Group - Because Twitter Lists create grouped tweet streams of the people that are on them, you can use Lists to organize your tweeps into groups based on anything you want. Click Add or remove from lists.

how to make lists on twitter ipad

Keep in mind that each list is currently limited to 500 people , and users may create a maximum of 20 lists. You will have the option to add that person to a list you have already created by checking the box next to the list name, or you can make a new list by clicking Create a list. If having Twitter on your wrist is important to you, Twitterrific gets it right.

How to Link to a List on Twitter

First, you'll be asked to provide a name for your list i. The other way to add people, is from any "following" page i.

how to make lists on twitter ipad

You can easily subscribe to another's list by visiting their Twitter page and clicking Lists. All of these events show up in order; tapping them reveals the actions you can take on them.

how to make lists on twitter ipad

Trying to avoid news about KanyeForPresident? A Twitter list can categorize interesting Twitter users into groups, for example. Some people create public ones to help other Twitter users find interesting people to follow. You can unfollow a list from the same page by clicking on the " Unfollow " link. Only the creator of private lists will be able to see or subscribe to them — not even those on the list can see private lists.

This means in-app browsing is just as fast as it is in Safari, but as SVC takes over the entire screen, gone are the days of following a link in your Mentions timeline and leaving the webpage up as you tap your way through other views in the app.

Tap Mute , then the amount of time you want to mute the hashtag for.