How long to fry turkey nuggets

Post a Comment. Wild turkey can be much drier and tougher than a domestic turkey you purchase at a grocery store or a butcher. While many hunters often lay their hands on just one, perhaps two birds in their home state every year, the Bone Collector crew stacks birds in many states.

This means that these two are absolutely no stranger to cooking wild turkey.

how long to fry turkey nuggets

Step 5: Wild turkey recipe suggestions are not a rarity by any means. We will inject the bird, especially the breast with a seasoned liquid.


Cut into bite size pieces. The way I most prefer to prepare wild turkey is to cut the breast and thighs into bite size chunks and deep fry them.

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how long to fry turkey nuggets

Keep this in mind when choosing the dish you wish to prepare. I do however like wild turkey. Step 2: Add turkey breasts in a single layer. After the bird is injected it is then coated with a dry rub and then plunged into a turkey deep fryer.

Wild Turkey Nuggets

Remove from heat and let stand for 10 minutes. However, it is not often you get a recipe suggestion from professional turkey hunters, specifically two guys with enough birds in their freezer to cover their Thanksgiving dinners for life!

How To Make Turkey Nuggets

Bone Collector Michael Waddell call turkey using diaphram call. Let the excess oil and juices drain. Feel free to contribute! This will help the bird retain moisture, which as I stated earlier is very important with wild turkey.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. There are many different marinades available. Subscribe to: Having a hunter in the home means you have wild game available.

how long to fry turkey nuggets

Step 1: With wild turkey or any wild game for that matter you need to take the time to make sure all feathers and hair are off of the meat. The way we usually cook wild turkey is by deep frying the entire bird.