How long is navy aviation training

During your undergrad, you should plan on taking math up to Calculus II or Linear Algebra if you are not already majoring in it. Age waivers might be available.

The Three Phases of Your Navy Pilot Career

Every college or university will assign you an academic adviser who will be immensely helpful in class selection to make sure you graduate in a timely manner and have a well-built resume as a base for your career as a Naval aviator. Once you've obtained that, contact your recruiter.

That said, a degree in this field isn't an absolute necessity, since your specific Navy training comes after your undergraduate work. Get your military education. Naval Academy, a degree in aeronautical engineering may give you a leg up over applicants with degrees in other fields. There is no specific path of study outlined to become a Navy pilot.

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how long is navy aviation training

Many thanks to Erika Armstrong for her mentorship on this article. The Wings of Gold are granted to an elite group of pilots who can become Navy Aviators.

Navy Flight School: The Long Road to Wings of Gold

All pilots are officers. Make sure you're prepared for those sacrifices going in. Over the summer, you will report for midshipman cruises with the Navy. Of course, I found that out on the first day of primary flight training.

how long is navy aviation training

After completing your bachelor's degree, you must become a Naval officer commissioned at the rank of ensign. The actual flight time required varies depending on the aircraft but is more than 100 hours in all cases. I was marked by all of them. S Naval Academy, located in Annapolis, Maryland, is the most difficult route to becoming an officer. As I proceeded through the syllabus I found myself mentally, academically, and physically challenged as the Navy flight training program increased in complexity.

Read on for another quiz question. Communications Try again! Regardless of what commissioning source you choose perform to the best of your abilities each and every day.

how long is navy aviation training