How do shotgun gauges work

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how do shotgun gauges work

Shotshells come in different lengths within their respective gauges. The Original Green Movement. Bullet Points. These are all 12-gauge shotshells, but they are all of different lengths.

When purchasing shotgun ammunition, ignore the length of the brass rim and pay attention to the labeled velocity and payload of shot again, stated in ounces of the shell.

Bore size - gauge (or possibly calibre)

In an attempt to clarify - during the period of shotgun development cannons were firing rounds distinguished by their weight 1,4 or 8 pounders for example, balls and the most common units of measure was a Dozen 12 therefore the logic of dividing a one pound ball into one dozen pieces follows. Linked In. Build your gun. The next group of shot sizes still in order includes Nos. It's mission: Own It?

how do shotgun gauges work

The common lineup of gauges made today from smallest to largest are. A good, safe rule of thumb is to only use shells as long or shorter than the markings on your shotgun barrel say you can use. As with all gun terminology the categorising system for shotguns is rooted in its history and shows its age.

How Shotguns Work

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how do shotgun gauges work

The '12' in 12 bore is not as you might expect a unit of length but a division of weight. Hunting Home.