How do rainforests help us

7 reasons to save the rainforest

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how do rainforests help us

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Tropical Forests in Our Daily Lives

And as land loses its fertility, more forests are cleared and the problem continues. They are one of the world's primary carbon reservoirs, absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, storing it, and generating oxygen.

how do rainforests help us

Scientists believe carbon dioxide is a major contributor to climate change. Drag a word to its definition.

how do rainforests help us

Add widget. Welcome back! Palm oil plantations have also led to the destruction of rain forests.


We are thrilled to hear all about your enthusiasm for ending rainforest destruction. There are many reasons why rainforests are important which can be put under the following headings:. A hundred years ago, there were probably 230,000 orangutans. The future of many of Earth's plants and animals—and hundreds of human cultures—will be determined within the next few decades.

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Why Rain Forests Are Important and How to Help Us Save Them

Word Match Congratulations! Medicines Hundreds of rainforest plants are used in modern medicines.

how do rainforests help us

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