How did wisconsin vote in 2012

Republican strategist Bill McCoshen agreed Clinton was the victim of an enthusiasm gap.

Whenever Jessie Opoien The Capital Times posts new content, you'll get an email delivered to your inbox with a link. Iowa Kan. Wisconsin lost a feather in its cap on Tuesday when its election voter turnout fell to a two-decade low.

It is highly unlikely that the recount will uncover any mischief by the Russians or anyone else, but nothing about this election has been likely, so why stop now? Sign Up!

how did wisconsin vote in 2012

Still, in an election of nearly three million votes, the final tally was a razor thin margin of a little over twenty thousands votes. The state that boasted the second-highest turnout in the nation in 2008 and 2012 still ranks highly compared to others, but is on track to fall behind Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota and New Hampshire this year. Where she failed was in motivating Democrats to show up.

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Madison School Board finishes meeting in private room, broadcasts video, after disruptions. Thanks for reading.

how did wisconsin vote in 2012

As has been widely reported, Democrats did far worse than usual in rural counties where they typically win, and Republicans doubled their margins in the rural places where they usually win, but the biggest pot of votes definitely came from the Fox Valley and other heavy-manufacturing counties:.

Milwaukee County is an area that tends to see vacillation in turnout from midterm to general elections, Burden said, but this year broke the mold. Hey, Reader. Baldwin is poised to become the first openly gay member of the Senate. Please keep your letter to 250 words or less.

Why Wisconsin's Presidential Results Are So Unbelievable

He and Bruce Springsteen drew tens of thousands of people to a downtown Madison rally four years ago. Redistricting made the district more Republican. Close Followed notifications.

how did wisconsin vote in 2012

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