Clark howard apple virus scam

In some cases, people have even been asked to provide their credit card and other personal or financial information.

clark howard apple virus scam

Most Popular. Criminals have targeted the many devices made by the Cupertino, California-based company in so many ways that consumers need to stay vigilant. Clark's Topics.

clark howard apple virus scam

This secret iPhone code unlocks a hidden feature that may come in handy. New email scam targets Netflix users. Apple ID scams: Many of the more sophisticated phishing scams center around stealing Apple IDs, the identity authentication needed to access your devices.

Warning: This fake tech support scam will give criminals access to your computer

Connect with Clark. Then they receive a notification from Apple that their Apple ID is being used on another device. The scam works by accessing payment information from credit cards tied to iPhones.

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Read more: There are several attacks making the rounds that are specifically targeting people with iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. In October 2018, we told you about incidents in which hackers were stealing Apple IDs and siphoning big money from iPhone users.

Email Address.

clark howard apple virus scam

Tencent said in a separate statement it too had noticed the cyber-heist and reached out to the iPhone maker. If you think your Apple ID may have been compromised, Apple has a resource page with more information.

Watch out for the Apple Care virus repair scam

How to avoid becoming a victim Clark. Navigation Clark's Topics.

clark howard apple virus scam

Bottom line: One of the more virulent Apple scams involves baiting users to hand over their Apple ID and password. How to avoid becoming a victim.

If you click on the link, it immediately gives the scammers access to your Apple account, including any stored personal and payment information.