What is a microcomputer applications classic car

what is a microcomputer applications classic car

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, scheduled to become operational in 2010, will require about 5. The increased use of software has not only affected car warranty costs but has also made cars harder to repair—so much so that insurance companies increasingly find it cheaper to declare cars damaged in accidents total losses than it is to fix them.

what is a microcomputer applications classic car

In the not-so-distant future, says Broy, when you have a problem with the computer system in your car, you will go to your garage, where your car will be connected to a network so that off-site OEM specialists can download data, do the analysis, and then upload a software correction.

The computer, a modified Motorola 6802 microprocessor chip, displayed speed, fuel, trip, and engine information.

what is a microcomputer applications classic car

For example, cars in front of you will let your car know whether there is ice on the highway or an accident. General Motors.

This Car Runs on Code

It was used by GM to test how well a microprocessor could control multiple functions such as port fuel injection, electronic spark timing, and cruise control. Broy estimates that more than 80 percent of car innovations come from computer systems and that software has become the major contributor of value as well as sticker price in cars. Even at cost, that is a lot of money. I have experienced that complexity myself recently.

Within 10 years, some experts predict that the percentages relating to the cost of electronics as a percent of vehicle cost are expected to rise to 50 percent for conventional vehicles and 80 percent for hybrids. Air Force frontline jet fighter, consists of about 1. The avionics system in the F-22 Raptor, the current U. Broy told me that more than 50 percent of the ECUs that mechanics replace in cars are technically error free: But even with all that diagnostic information produced, car mechanics often cannot determine the exact cause of the trouble.

Besides monitoring their own internal health, cars are beginning to analyze the world around them. In the near future, Broy says, air-bag control systems will use more than just crash impact information.

what is a microcomputer applications classic car

And unlike most commercial aircraft, which have strict firewalls between critical avionic systems and the in-flight entertainment systems, there is more commingling of information between the electronic systems used to operate the car and those for entertaining the driver and passengers.

As Voelcker pointed out in his story, that control software logic analyzes hundreds of inputs every 10 milliseconds, including vehicle load, engine operations, battery parameters, and the temperatures in the high-voltage electric components. For hybrids, where the amount of software needed for engine control alone is nearly twice as great as that for a standard car, the cost of electronics as a percent of vehicle costs is closer to 45 percent. It is not hard to understand why.