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Ewan McGregor, born in Crieff in 1971, has appeared in a series of enormously successful Hollywood films.

Clan MacGregor

MacGregor of Glen Straye Source: At one time, general manager of Canadian Utilities, Ltd. Outlawed for nearly two hundred years after losing their lands in a long power struggle with the Clan Campbell, the Clan Gregor claims descent from the third son of Kenneth MacAlpin, the first King of Scotland, a descent which is proclaimed in the motto, 'S Rioghal Mo Dhream, translated as Royal is my Race. The Chief, along with eleven of his chieftains, were captured and hanged at Edinburgh's Mercat Cross in 1604.

They became so proficient at these endevours many other clans would pay them not to steal their cattle as they exhausted other means of stopping them. In 1519, Black Iain of Glenstrae died without an heir, and the Campbells supported the succession of Eian, who had married the daughter of Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy.

A force of around 200 men from the Clan MacGregor and some Catarans made off with around 2,700 of the MacThomases cattle. The Battle of Glen Fruin took place in 1603 where the MacGregors were victorious, defeating five hundred Clan Colquhoun men, three hundred of whom were on horseback, by four hundred MacGregor men at Glen Fruin.

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MacGregor Clan

Written by: Inchcailloch, off Balmaha, Dunbartonshire. MacGregor Clan Motto: On red, three stripes of dark green, the middle stripe bisected by white edged with black. He lived as an outlaw for 13 years, until he turned himself in and was pardoned by the King.

Gregor Roy MacGregor c. Like his resilient and once persecuted clansmen, he fights for a seat at the table of UFC champions. The MacThomases eventually caught up with their enemies and defeated them but not before they had butchered most of the MacThomases cattle out of pure spite.

Like most ancient families, the origins of the McGregor a Scottish surname also spelt MacGregor clan are ultimately shrouded in mystery.

The Clan Grant and Clan MacGregors stormed the castle and in the process slew the Comyn Chief - and kept the Chief's skull as a trophy of this victory. Because of the marshy ground of the battlefield, the horses became a liability for the Colquhoun men and the MacGregors won, killing hundreds. James Grierson MacGregor 1905-1989.

MacGrioghair "Son of Gregory" Motto: In 1601, during the feud between the MacGregors and the Colquhouns of Luss, 200 Colquhouns were killed at the battle which took place here. This incident was not investigated until 1604 when the MacGregors were on trial for slaughtering many men of the Clan Colquhoun.

Vestiarium Scoticum. Most historians agree that the first certain Chief was Gregor "of the Golden Bridles. Clan tradition predicts grave things if the skull ever leaves the hands of the family - prophecying that the Clan would lose all of its lands in Strathspey.