Suspicious looking person who keeps

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It can include any of the following. Suspicious people may often be identified by their behavior. In the event the suspicious person is uncooperative and tries to force his way into the premises, alert the security guards of the premises and where necessary, call the Police.

And what specific action should you take? Open or broken doors or windows at a home or business. Persons making a quick change of vehicles. Where should home security cameras be installed?

suspicious looking person who keeps

A good description of the person s you have concerns about. Police Service of Northern Ireland. If a question is asked for which you do not have an answer, it's okay to say, "I don't know.

suspicious looking person who keeps

Strange odors coming from a house. Person wearing or carrying bloody clothing. Keeping hands in pockets or cupping hands as in holding a triggering device. These individuals may be attempting to elude the police or they are abandoning a stolen vehicle.

suspicious looking person who keeps

Behavioral factors to watch for include: Gov This Site Only. When you call to report suspicious activity, be calm and ready to provide as many of the following facts as you have available: One of the best ways you can help law enforcement follow your lead is by providing as much detailed information as possible. While no one behavioral activity is proof that someone is planning to act inappropriately and many of the following behavioral indicators are perfectly consistent with innocent behavior , these factors can help you assess whether someone poses a threat.

Reporting Suspicious Behavior

What are the benefits of home automation? Your safety, and that of your loved ones, is important. What made the person's actions suspicious? Does home automation increase home value?

Security Guidelines

Are they carrying anything? What should I do in the event of a house fire?

suspicious looking person who keeps

Some also anointed themselves with scented oil, which may be obvious to someone in their vicinity. What is a telematic device? Vehicles being loaded with valuable items in front of an unattended residence or a business after normal hours.