Sherlock you ruined everything the whole everything

His Last Vow is a gorgeous piece of filmmaking.

George Zucco: Professor Moriarty

John stares. Yes, all those tracking shots of Magnussen traipsing all over his gorgeously appointed vaults were just a visual metaphor for his mind palace.

The new Sherlock series - Goodness Gracious Me: Reunion Special preview - BBC Two

Learn more Start Creating. Viewers are left with too many very valid questions and concerns, primarily: And Sherlock is a Murderer Too. You finished all of your exams!

sherlock you ruined everything the whole everything

Whatever, funny! Magnussen goes home to his palatial and gorgeous library and looks up some dirt on Lindsey Duncan whose name in the show is actually Lady Smallwood , who as it turns out has a husband that cheated on her once with an underage girl.

Sherlock: how the TV phenomenon became an annoying self-parody

Professor Moriarty: Top 25 Films of 1939. Go away. When your parents ask you how you did on your exam Giphy.

sherlock you ruined everything the whole everything

Overnight, huh? To some, the premiere episode of Sherlock this season may not be its best; but with the upcoming second episode, fans are expecting to be in one hell of an epic surprising turn of events. A travesty on justice! When you ace your exam Giphy. Or something. Sherlock suddenly realizes he has a meeting in three hours and heads off to take a bath and possibly some downers.

The Secret in Leinster Gardens. Spoiler alert: When you get your exam grade back Giphy. Previously, on Sherlock:

sherlock you ruined everything the whole everything