Klr 650 2003 oil how much

Find More Posts by GoMotor. On that note, I fill to the top line with filter change, run for a couple minutes, and then 'top off' with the bike sitting at a 5 degree angle on the stand. Is anyone using that? Here is just one example: Mark Forums Read.

KLR650 - What Engine Oil Do You Use?

Bike bandit sells oil filters by the 10pk for a couple of bucks each, so changing your oil every 2000 miles easy and inexpensive if you go with the Rotella regular. North Ga.. By settling the oil, are you referring to letting the oil absorb into the oil filter if you replaced it with a new one? Pinewood Springs, Colorado.

klr 650 2003 oil how much

When I do an oil change I measure what I drain out in a graduated drain pan. Curvin , Sep 21, 2006.

Park your KLR 650 on its side stand in a flat, level work area. I have done hundreds or oil changes on bike, cars, trucks, gas, diesel, outboard motors. Aug 3, 2006 Oddometer: Reset to zero and start over. Pull the oil pump cover away from the engine.

K&N Powersports Oil Filters for the Kawasaki KLR650

Push the valve piston out of the oil filter, then discard the oil filter. Doing this test with the 3000 mile used Mobil 1 they consistently had problems detecting any scratches on the surface of the bearing.

klr 650 2003 oil how much

Run for 30 seconds or so, so oil pressure can come up and the new oil filter can saturate. The time now is 05: Jan 2012 Locale: Hondo , Sep 21, 2006.

klr 650 2003 oil how much

However, extreme weather conditions or off-road racing may call for an oil change sooner than the recommended mileage interval. Contact Us - KLR650.

klr 650 2003 oil how much

Go to Bobistheoilguy. Sep 1, 2004 Oddometer: