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PubMed Central. Many studies show that the human microbiome plays a critical role in the chronic pathologies of obesity, inflammatory bowel diseases, and diabetes.

Acheson, AB. In addition, fistula and tracheostomy dependence rates decreased and rates of intelligible speech increased. In radiation therapy of cancer of the oral cavity and the paranasal sinuses, the extent to which the tissues of the oral cavity are included in the radiation treatment portals will determine the severity of the oral discomfort during treatment.

Get detailed information about the incidence, histology, and treatment of oral cavity cancer in this summary for clinicians. Oral Cavity Cancer: This review discusses various uncommon opportunistic fungal infections affecting the oral cavity including their morphology, clinical features and diagnostic methods. Mean microvessel density was assessed in tumoral tissue, while lymphatic vessel density was calculated in both neoplastic tissue and invasion front.

Claudins are the main sealing proteins of the intercellular tight junctions and play an important role in cancer cell progression and dissemination. The analysis of saliva as a diagnostic approach for systemic diseases was proposed just two decades ago, but recently great interest in the field has emerged because of its revolutionary potential as a liquid biopsy and its usefulness as a non-invasive sampling method.

The aim of this study is to present a literature review on the effects of the ionizing radiation from radiotherapy treatment on dental tissues. Transitional microorganisms such as sulfate-reducing bacteria may also be present among the metabolic microflora in the oral cavity , which can induce biological corrosion. Hydrogen peroxide production is closely associated with extracellular DNA eDNA release from microbe and the development of its competent cell which are critical for biofilm development and also serves as source for horizontal gene transfer.

The authors found, that the cryosurgery is a promising method of therapy in precancerous lesions. This review aimed to assess the literature on oral manifestations in leprosy and the aspects involving oral cavity in leprosy pathogenesis.

The aim of this paper is to report the use of bovine collagen, oxidized regenerated cellulose, and synthetic hyaluronic acid medications to improve wound healing in the oral cavity by stimulating granulomatous tissue. Oral cavity cancers are predominantly squamous cell carcinomas, which arise from premalignant lesions through a multistep carcinogenesis process.

Admission was required in 12 patients 8.

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Branches Apparatus. Recent studies showed that the produced hydrogen peroxide plays a critical role in modulating oral microecology. Radiotherapy is a key therapeutic modality used in the treatment of oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers, whether as definitive treatment or postoperatively for those with high-risk factors after surgery. In dentine are observed only two maxima at 440 and 480 nm, related also to collagen structures. In addition, different sub-sites of the oral cavity had been combined to a single entity, which retrospectively leads to a highly heterogeneous basis of data.

Saliva plays an important role and is responsible for lubrication and biofilm formation as a transporter of nutrients for microorganisms. The aim of this literature review was to identify studies conducted on the oral Human papillomavirus HPV infection in children. Cancer of the oral cavity is one of the most common cancers of the head and neck, and is one of the ten most common causes of death in the world.

The oxacillin resistance of S. One hundred thirty-two patients 91. Pathogens and host immunity in the ancient human oral cavity.