Htc master reset when locked

HTC M9 No factory reset in download mode i need help

You have now removed your lock screen completely; when you power on your phone in the future, you will be immediately taken to whatever screen was active when you last used the device. Home Articles Community My Profile. Terms of Service. Android has a built-in way to bypass the lock screen if you have the right Google credentials.

HTC 10 Hard Reset / Factory Reset

Advertisement Was this step helpful? Here's another message that pops up after I keep the phone connected to the PC.

Device resets: HTC One M7

Questions and Answers Hi dear. If the device menus are frozen or unresponsive, you can master reset using hardware keys:.

htc master reset when locked

Thanks Meter: Thanks again for the tip! Keep track of passwords in a safe non-electronic place so this doesn't happen again. Jan 2010. If the phone is frozen, you can power it down by removing the battery from the back. Now your HTC will be restored to its original settings and there will be no lock screen to fear. Is this article up to date?

What can I do if I forgot my screen lock password, PIN, or pattern on my phone?

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htc master reset when locked

So is a fresh HTC One. Backup files you want to save. Forgot your passcode or swipe pattern to access your HTC smartphone?

htc master reset when locked

If you log in with a Google account that was previously associated with the phone, and you had backups enabled, your settings will be restored. I did the setting reset, and i got to the go to ATT site to finish, but i wasn't around wi-fi, so I canceled it, thinking I would do it tomorrow. Steps will then be given so you can recover your account. It depends on what type of OS you are using.

htc master reset when locked

Is there a way to get back at least photos because I'm desperate..