Farhana chowdhury bushra al-assad

Let's change the image of Islam today and tomorrow. While the Muslim people are being made the most oppressed and deprived in the world. It's actually gettting boring and frustrating having to always read something negative.

This is why syrians love Bashar al Assad

But these pictures are beautiful and i wish I can immerse myself in that someday! And thing to note down there is no scale for any one.. Beautiful pictures of Hajj. Is there anything the Saudi royals aren't selling? I went on Hajj two years ago and it was an amazing experience, and these pictures bring the memories back.

We are so small: Why do women have to walk behind a man in SA? SubhanAllah, May Allah swt reward the people who took these pictures. Subhanallah, this gives me goosebumps. May Allah accept the good wishes of the pilgrims!

I cannot say Isalam is bad, but that particular guy is bad, whether he is the follower of any religion. All of them are respresests what we are feelings even we couldn't be there. If our goal is Jannah then we have to work hard in this dunya to achieve our goal. Although racism isn't an issue, sexism is, unfortunately. May Allah Grant each and everyone the opportunity to make Hajj Ameen!

Farhana Choudhury Bushra

The place has changed completely. Really nice photograpy, but how can bring the camera inside of kaaba? Miss the place so much.

Que Allah les bendiga por compartir estas fotos.

Subghana Allah, Glory be to Allah for showing such mercy to us. But I do know that I loved the pictures. We were confident the fire would be controlled before it reaches our area.