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FrontlineSMS provides users with the ability to send receive and effectively manage large numbers of SMS, and Ushahidi software enables information visualization, interactive mapping and information collection through crowdsourcing methodology.

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We bring you all the latest news and juicy updates on publications, authors, events, prizes, and lifestyle. That the years 2015-17 witnessed this unprecedented diversification of the Nigerian literary space, that things reached this point when people can write at all about queerness, is a small but seminal victory not taken for granted. You must like our facebook page www. Features Series Stories and Poems.

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The warners can quit already. It is imperative that awareness programs are initiated now, before funding further decreases. The pilot noticed a problem and was trying to return to the Murtala Muhammed airport when the plane crashed into a building in a residential area in Lagos. Like African literature?

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The introduction of unhealthy Western foods has also led to an increase in cases of type two diabetes. Factors influencing African health care delivery noteworthy include:.

When used together the tools enable people to collect SMS data and then visualize it with powerful results, as the case study examples show.

Also, in recent times, conversations about queerness have sprung up from different places and while it might not be productive or progressive, they are helping people to be aware and to talk about queerness. An alarming 3 million Nigerians have diabetes, and an additional 3. Reviews Interviews Lit Scene Submission. Canada legalized same-sex marriage in 2005, same year Walking with Shadows was published; Bisi Alimi had just come out on TV the year before; and there had been awful rhetoric that denied the existence of any non-heterosexual person in Nigeria.

The theme of this year's event is 'Water for Cities'. The need to be SEEN. People can be empowered to be advocates for change in their own diabetes communities Education is key; insulin without education is like a car without a steering wheel and of course access to supplies is essential: Join more than 3,000 African literature enthusiasts! That experience broke me. This is because the law does not protect queer people.

Gay people are lynched and stolen from on a daily basis, straight people also.