Whole brain thinking tests

If rights plan at all, they usually do so by visualizing the desired outcome and getting a sense of the current situation. Cancel Update Comments.

whole brain thinking tests

Choose exact, precise terms? Right dominants have vague feelings about wanting to express something — but often are not quite clear what! Additional Comments: Are you goal-oriented? Recognizing and understanding the components of this pattern allow you to develop alternative approaches where needed.

They are more apt to be structured and disciplined in seeking those goals.

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I frequently have strong ones and follow them b. In preparing yourself for a new or difficult task, do you: Rights are more reluctant to speak in public — quite the opposite of left dominants, who know what they think and are glad to tell you!

It is not so much that they lack a sense of responsibility although it is often interpreted that way as that they find themselves in another reality, where time seems to go either slowly or quickly. Make a quick outline?

Whole Brain Test with Scoring

Express your feelings? New York therapist Selwyn Mills has found that artists are right dominants and sloppy, whereas craftsman are left dominants and neat. Alone b.

Yes 32.

whole brain thinking tests

Question 8 By their nature, some sports invite more comparisons and evaluations than others and are preferred by left dominants. When you want to remember directions, a name, or a news item, do you: Therefore they see the down-turned side of the mouth in the test picture.

whole brain thinking tests

Hooked right-hand position fingers pointing toward your chest c. Cancel Create Rubric. Edit rating Delete rating.

What is Whole Brain® Thinking?

This assessment will help students better understand their thinking preferences. Devise rhymes and incorporate metaphors? Fundamentals Interactive Link:

whole brain thinking tests