Who made jc higgins model 30 rifle

who made jc higgins model 30 rifle

Third, many of the Higgins semi-autos actually had jeweled bolts, although not breathtaking in their execution you would be hard pressed to name a rifle from that period that came with a factory jeweled bolt.

I have 3 Higgins Auto loaders - one model 30 and 2 model 31's. I grew up on one of these that my mother gave my dad new when I was twelve.

J.C Higgins Model 30 rapid fire!

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I have a Sears and roebuck J.C higgins model 30 semi-auto .22

The models 583. I have a jc higgins 20 -12 ga sears and roebuck shotgun serial 583.

who made jc higgins model 30 rifle

I have the same gun,it was my fathers. If you would like to sell it I would be interested. I can't imaging that HS had more accurate tooling than say Rem or Winny.

who made jc higgins model 30 rifle

Was barrel length the reason? A list of High Stadnard manufactured guns and manuals are posted at www. Lay-Away With a CC.

who made jc higgins model 30 rifle

So I would be ok going with the 1080 or 1096 Sears owner manual to break this completely down and reassemble it? I have a JC Higgins Model 583-16.

What is my JC Higgins 22LR Model 30 583.70 worth and when wa...

Do you have an est. What is it worth and what year was it issued?

who made jc higgins model 30 rifle

Finish Originality: The quality control you describe sounds accurate, it would explain my succesful test firing. The value of a JC Higgins 22 caliber rifle model 25 depends on its condition.