Where are wonderbras soldering

Establishment of the company. Assembly of cables cutting, stripping, crimping, soldering, tinning, moulding, printing, press operations…. Production co-operation with foreign companies in the field of electro-industry, military, medical, aviation, automotive and mechanical engineering.

Certificate IATF 16949. Semi-automatic and full-automatic production of cable harnesses and cable harness assembly. Some examples. Communication skills. Highly favourable production location.

Technical engineering support. Machines for cutting cables. Mechanical and Electrical testing. Legal form: Different kinds of production work possible plastic production, metal production, testing…. General Information. Mechanical and hydraulic presses.

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General Information

Company Services. Show more. Different production possibilities cable harnesses, electro, plastic, machinery, manual assembly etc. Corporate governance. History overview. JOHRAmont, s. Employment agency services.

Employment agency services leasing of qualified production workers. Mechanical and manual assembly, finishing and terminating of various components, connectors, harnesses, electrical devices with testing. Diversified customers. Quality assurance. Certificates of quality: