Supertramp album crisis what crisis piano

supertramp album crisis what crisis piano

A lot of people liked it, but for us it missed. The tempo is upbeat with various breaks demonstrating piano and some sound effects.

supertramp album crisis what crisis piano

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. I believe it to be a true masterpiece, even better than the Crime album. Only too brief good moments. The ensambling is exellent, lyrics are tops.

Revisiting Supertramp’s Rushed ‘Crisis? What Crisis?’

The almost aggressive Another Man's Woman with its excellent instrumental ending is more or less what we've come to expect of the band. No less. It makes for a superb ending.

supertramp album crisis what crisis piano

There are points where the band decide to let loose on the sing-along parts. WOW, what a great album, I can't believe it has only 61 reviews? It is obvious that the "Crisis" material is not as refined in terms of arrangements and sound as the "Even" material, but from a compositional point of view it is almost as solid as the "Crime" material. Reed man John Helliwell creates a layered horn section that's pretty fat and the 50's doo-wop feel of the chorus distinguishes the cut from the others.

Share this article. From the first notes on to the end I find this album to very inspired with great song-writing. Keep on proggin'..!


It is now 2002 and nearly their entire catalog is available in the remastered form. So this is an okay album for listening, just don't expect to be blown away. I acutally regarded it as Supertramp's secons best and most consistent album in their entire career, although it is plain to see why it is overshadowed by its predecessor.

This leads to a calm and pleasant intro with Helliwell adding an accordion in background of the intro as well as a nice clarinet lead later on. A Soapbox Opera is another standout, its suspenseful pace leading into a wonderful peak.

Someone should have informed them that there were literally thousands of struggling groups outside the studio door that would have LOVED to have been in their shoes. Strummed guitar with vocals and drums lead the way. The solemn beuaty of the main motif is efficiently adorned by the interlude's chorale and the closing climax: Quite obviously, I prefer the non-pop one to the pop one, it's by far more interesting.