How to start a 4 stroke outboard

Give them a good shot of the prescribed lube to keep things sliding along.

2 Stroke Versus 4 Stroke The Choice Is Yours

This means that the air-fuel mixture will contain more fuel than normal. Yamaha 4-stroke outboard motors are designed and engineered with the same dedication to durability, reliability, light weight and compactness that Yamaha 2-strokes have long been famous for.

There has to be somewhere for the for the charging current to go, or else the stator can be burned out I thought most modern engines had voltage regulators that turn excess power to heat and are usually water cooled because of it? Photo by Gary Reich.

how to start a 4 stroke outboard

Insert the key. Keep in mind that the engine is still running even when it is in neutral. Wait about 10 minutes and try starting again.

how to start a 4 stroke outboard

What should you check first? Yes No. Do the usual, choke setting, throttle setting etc etc.

Five Tips For Hard Starting Outboard Motors

A bit beyond the scope of this post, which is simple things to check. But yes, good to know how to do. Models with these new graphics will surely spread worldwide as symbols of the high performance, outstanding reliability and durability and ecofriendliness of Yamaha 4-strokes.

When the rope is tight, pull the handle back quickly. And as a side note, always have your basic safety gear in the boat — see my article on Things to Carry in the Dinghy.

Outboard Won’t Start 101

If it seems like there is a blockage, the long-term solution is to replace the hose. Actually, extinguish them before doing any of the fuel system checks. Retract the starter cord and pull it as long and hard as you can, that way you guarantee as many compression strokes per pull as is possible. I killed it while fishing in the local lake.

how to start a 4 stroke outboard

If you are using an external tank, check the outside for leaks, cracks, or any other damage. Electric engines require the key to be in the ignition before important features, such as the gearshift, will operate. The 4-stroke outboards Yamaha 4-stroke outboards packed with years of technological innovations.