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A Sufi Saint and a Murderer: a Tale of Two Qadris Centuries Apart

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Mumtaz Qadri has buried in his native town Sadiq Abad in the presence of thousands of people. It is also ironic how now the shrine is located in the centre of the city of Kasur. In one instance he is recorded to have said:. O College due to the ongoing fracases in different areas. Sitting in the lounge of the Karachi airport, flanked by security, Rashid faced catcalls from men who condemned Qadri's death as a murder and who threatened to beat him with their shoes.

Project Zero Impact: Security has been tied in all over Pakistan under the possibilities of violence and protests. The actual shrine is a modest structure compared to the imposing mosque.

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Like Bulleh Shah, Salman Taseer too was accused of blasphemy and the state appointed maulvi of the Badshahi masjid refused to offer his namaz-e-jannaza.

Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: Bulleh Shah spent several years at the madrassa of Shah Inayat in Lahore. He murdered in the name of Islam, the same Islam that states, if you murder someone, you have murdered the entire humanity. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Petrol pumps and shops have been shut down.

But today, his shrine will be become impure with the feet of his female devotees.

Mumtaz Qadri’s funeral prayer offered in Rawalpindi

However, by this time Bhagat Singh had become a household name and no magistrate was willing to supervise the hanging of Bhagat Singh and his comrades in Lahore jail. Pakistani demonstrators shout slogans during a protest against the execution of the convicted murderer in Lahore on February 29, 2016. Compare this to Salman Taseer's funeral, which was attended by a handful. This tribe moved to India with the Mughal forces of Babur and helped him win the decisive battle of Panipat in 1525 CE, which laid the foundation of the Mughal Empire.

Around 800 men and women had gathered around the body as it was being placed in the ambulance, to be taken to the funeral, with no security forces to be seen. Security has been tied in all over Pakistan under the possibilities of violence and protests from religious parties.

Roads and streets around Hussain Agahi Chowk were full of people got as thousands of people turned up to partake in Ghaibana Namaz-e-Janaza funeral prayers in absentia of Mumtaz Qadri on Tuesday. Thousands of members of religious parties and citizens took part in the burial ceremonies of the Qadri. He had hundreds of supporters gathered for his funeral in Islamabad and the nearby city of Rawalpindi on Tuesday, sparking fears of violence as police and troops were deployed at the main junctions.

The task was taken up by his devotees.