How to highlight dark hair at home

To mix a henna paste, take three tablespoons 45 grams of henna powder and mix in boiling water, just enough to form a thick paste.

how to highlight dark hair at home

Ahead, you'll learn about some of the most important factors to achieving a perfect highlight: Start with the bottom layer of loose hair. Ace your base. But with a little practice, and trial and error, I've saved hundreds possibly thousands of bucks on professional hair highlights—and you can too. Which one would you go for?

Thinking About Getting Highlights? Read This First

Learn more. Repeat every two weeks as necessary or desired to achieve or maintain the right lightness. Foil highlights are the most traditional way of doing highlights at home, and this method has been used by hairdressers and DIY-ers for years now.

how to highlight dark hair at home

Part your hair as you normally do, so you can clearly see which strands are face-framing a side-parter will highlight differently than a center-parter. I'm going to show you a technique for adding subtle balayage hand-painted highlights to dark hair.

4 Ways To Highlight Your Hair At Home

Get out into the sun! For most natural highlighting products, the sun will help activate them and expedite the lightening process. So, for example, you'll want it to say "for brown hair" instead of "caramel highlights. Yes, you CAN go from brunette to blonde by yourself, on a budget! Now, switching up our hair is how we outwardly display what's going on inside. Hair chunking is for all you ladies who like to go for a more vivacious and dramatic look with their hair.

How To Highlight Hair at Home: DIY Highlights

When your hair is completely dry, comb through it with a wide-toothed comb or plastic-tipped brush. This ensures that you can "see where the lighter pieces should fall with the way [you] normally wear it," she says.

how to highlight dark hair at home

You should go to a professional hair dresser, and have them dye it for you. Forget obvious, streaky blonde highlights—here's how to subtly brighten up your colour.

how to highlight dark hair at home

Latest Posts Bio. Brown has become the new blonde, and shiny, long and glossy are all words that come to mind when thinking of these A-list manes.

How to Add Highlights to Dark Brown Hair at Home

See More: You can do both yourself as long as you do research and understand what you're doing. It's Friday night, and you're at the bar tapping your nails on the counter waiting for your next gin and tonic. Before using any new product or food on your body, perform a small patch test to make sure you aren't allergic or sensitive.

Highlighting is a nice way to add dimension to your hair, frame your face, lighten your look, and add some extra color to your hair without dyeing your whole head.

Plus, the bleaching cream may seep underneath the cap, creating a splotchy mess," White says. When applying either of these as a highlighter, use a cotton ball to apply the liquids to sections of hair.