How to auto body paint removal

Media blasting involves spraying the painted surface with something that takes off paint, driven by compressed air. In some cases, you can remove paint more quickly by peeling it up with a razor blade than by rubbing it off with a sander. This will give your paint job a sheen that will make it look new. Occasionally you may come across a home paint job or a strange repair that was painted with some form of house paint, rust-o-leum, weird primer or who-knows-what that freaks out when you try to strip it from the car's metal or body filler surface.

Sand-blasting is also a great method for removing car paint, but one that requires a few more tools and a larger workspace.

How to Remove Car Paint

Car Paint Removal Essentials The kind of paint removers you need depends upon whether you want to have a full car paint strip, or if you are just looking for some touch-up paint removal in order to restore your car to its former glory. Paint stripping is the removal of paint from any surface using one of a large variety of methods.

how to auto body paint removal

Things You'll Need Respirator or dust mask. It's important to analyze your situation to decide what method will work best for you.

The best method for you will depend on the size and scope of your project, and the desired result. The time your car spends in the tank is just one part of the dipping process. Peel off the back of the sanding disc and attach it to the sander. There are two ways to remove paint from any surface: You may have to remove the part of the car that you want to strip before applying the paint, or it can become very complicated, as you will have to protect the car before you proceed.

Yes, those are a bunch of factors to get straight, but if you make all your decisions along the way wisely you'll surely be pleased with the end result.

how to auto body paint removal

Nailing down the cost of dipping was like getting an exact blasting price — nearly impossible because of all the variables involved. Be sure to read label directions and all warnings on the chemical stripper label.

How to use Automotive paint stripper

You will need a compressor and a compatible blasting nozzle. However, dual-action sanders, although expensive, are the most effective way to sand.

And a mistake at this stage can ruin a whole lot of subsequent work.

how to auto body paint removal

Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2. Apply some pure carnauba wax to the vehicle, working in small sections. Find Used Cars Browse a huge selection of local inventory.

The Best Way to Remove Paint on Cars

Most nozzle sizes will state what horsepower the compressor must be to be compatible. When using a DA sander, never put 1 sanding disc over another. Do not use heavy duty grinder sanding machines when removing paint from a car.