Explain how referred pain occurs

They may lose sleep and become exhausted.

explain how referred pain occurs

Pain receptors that are normally silent dormant can become activated by inflammation. Was This Page Helpful? Test your knowledge. The pain signal is also sent to the brain.

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Within an area of the spinal cord called the dorsal horn, the electrical signals are transmitted from one neurone to another across junctions synapses by means of chemical messengers neurotransmitters. Pain is a multidimensional and highly individualized perception that is very difficult to quantify and to validate in the clinical setting.

When some older people take an opioid for a short time, it reduces pain and enables them to function better physically, but it may impair mental functioning, sometimes causing confusion. Merck Manual Home Health Handbook. Nondrug treatments and support from caregivers and family members can sometimes help older people manage pain and reduce the need for analgesics. The pain is derived from a different area then the pain area.

explain how referred pain occurs

Tweets by TennisChannel. This type of pain can be aching, sharp or throbbing. Pain can be referred because signals from several areas of the body often travel through the same nerve pathways in the spinal cord and brain.

It seems that several factors can affect how you interpret pain:. For example when the ninth cranial nerve glossopharyngeal nerve is involved the pain is felt deep in the ear.

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Han S. Hence the experience of pain differs from person to person. Central Point schools 'in dire need'. Treating the pain without locating the underlying trigger won't produce satisfactory results in the long run, he says.

explain how referred pain occurs