What is sephiroths sword name

Kotaro 269 , Web Series Channel Top image, video: Sentinel's Grimoire. Crescent Wish - Strange Vision. If you happen to go to the menu to peruse the stats of the Masamune, the numbers will leave you speechless in every sense of the word.

Instead of using the Masamune in the manner that it should've been, Sephiroth instead preferred to impale his victims. Sephiroth's last use of his Masamune is when he fights Zack wielding the Buster Sword , trouncing him without much effort, and when he stabs Cloud before falling into the Lifestream. Machine Gun - Ragnarok Pistol. The angle of the curve of the blade also varies, but it is never entirely straight. It requires the Masamune license for 155 LP to equip.

I mean, he's a spawn of Jenova and all. Brotherhood - Caladbolg.

what is sephiroths sword name

Originally Posted by T. A monk watching the ordeal called Muramasa's sword "evil," while saying that Masamune's sword would be wielded by someone who's a "peaceful" and "calm" warrior. While it's true that this unique design has contributed to the iconic nature of this weapon, this curve actually serves a purpose that most people have no clue about.

what is sephiroths sword name

As with other Empyrean Weapons, the Masamune can now be upgraded to its elevated Level 99 Afterglow version, far more powerful than the base weapon. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by uploading images.


Creating the blade required no less than four different striking tools: It is available since June 2010 as one of the Empyrean Weapons from the Abyssea expansion. Only Masuda Koji can equip it. However, by the end of the movie, the creators knew better than to do such an awful disservice to such an iconic weapon.

SeraphicDemon SeraphicDemon 9 years ago 10 I thought at first if you become a good enough swordsman it would be possible, but I agree with Bomberman. I enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog.

what is sephiroths sword name

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Masamune (weapon)

Sign up for free! In his victory pose , Sephiroth swings the Masamune in front of him twice, flips it over in his hand, and slides it curve-up against his waist so the hilt rests at his side and the blade faces up at an angle behind him. Chainsaw - Cutlass - Drill - Nightmare. These swords have etched their name into gaming history due to their — quite frankly — ridiculous nature. Just take a look at the video to find out just how much of a waste this blade actually is.

Early concept artwork shows an unnamed, unused NPC wielding an unused early version of the Masamune.