What does the hanging indent marker do

For more precise control when creating a hanging indent, along with other indent and spacing options, see Adjust indents and spacing.

You can pull the tabs off the Ruler to remove them. Get new features first.

hanging indent

How can we improve it? If you drag the left indent marker by its top pointed half, the first line indent marker will not move with it.

what does the hanging indent marker do

Thank you for your feedback! You can use the Bar tab to place a vertical bar on the tab stop position.

What Are Indents and Tabs in Word?

Continue Reading. With many word processors , you can create hanging indents by specifying a negative indentation for the first line of each paragraph.

The bottom one, the left indent marker , has its point facing up.

what does the hanging indent marker do

You may find the indent markers set in and need to adjust them. The right indent marker sets the right indentation of the paragraph.

Create a hanging indent

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Every time you press the Tab key as you type, the text lines up where you put the tabs. Business Dictionary. NEXT haptic.

How to Adjust the Indents and Tabs in Microsoft Word [Urdu / Hindi]

Anyone who works on Microsoft Word documents has accidentally clicked the hourglass on the ruler at the top of the document and caused the text to move outside its regular margins. Microsoft Word resets the location of indents and tabs when the program restarts. In word processing , a paragraph that has all lines but the first indented.

what does the hanging indent marker do

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