Terai percent in nepal how to share

Because of the fertile lands, many people are engaged in agriculture. The northernmost region of the country is divided into 16 districts.

terai percent in nepal how to share

You are Here: Adventure Featured Video Everest base camp trek with Island peak climbing. It is spread over an area of 147,181 sq. The Himalayan region occupies 15 percent of the total area of the country.

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Geography of Nepal Nepal lies between China in the north and India to the south. Terai is known as the granary store of Nepal due to its plain terrace. The altitude ranges between 600 to 3500 meters. From Our Blog Seasonal Offer 2018.

Constituting mainly of the Mahabharat, Siwalik and Chure ranges, the region is divided into 39 districts, and spreads over 68 percent of the total land mass. Sherpas and Tamangs are the dominant inhabitants of this region. Covered with snow capped mountains in the northern part, the altitude of the region ranges from 3500m to 8,848 meters.

terai percent in nepal how to share

Some of Nepals most beautiful animals and plants are found in this region, although vegetation is sparse and almost nil in higher altitudes. The Terai or the plains covers 17 percent of the area of Nepal and is the most populated region.

The hilly region falls between the Himalayan and the Terai region. Because of ideal temperature and climate, the region sees a large concentration of flora and is home to many exotic animals including spotted leopard, barking deer, Himalayan black bear, and many other species.

terai percent in nepal how to share

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Read More. Nepal lies between China in the north and India to the south. I felt looked after and communication with the company...