Self stirring mug how it works

self stirring mug how it works

Read more here. Bin damit sehr zufrieden. We have presented the cup for Christmas and I can only say that it has arrived super!

Very good and convenient product for those who can not be bothered to touch;. When I make hot chocolate, do not even need to mix flour - Senkus I press the button so the hurricane confused yes effectively.

Have fun The cup is a nice to have. Customer Images mycoolstuff We love to see you using our stuff.

Add a review. Finding a place to put the dirty spoon while you drink. Perfekt present till min arbetskamrat!

self stirring mug how it works

Khristine Reply. The cup is a nice to have. I am very pleased with my order and the experience I gained from Coolstuff. Because there are multiple cavities between the plate and the interior of the mug, it doubles up as a built-in coaster.

That someone will accuse your mug of being lazy and lacking initiative.

Self Stirring Mug Review

The mug runs on two standard AA batteries and it seems to be fairly economical as the batteries do last some time before you notice any sort of stirring lag. I bought these mugs 4p to two of whom work after all, one day. It certainly packs somewhat of a punch when the batteries are at full capacity so much so that if you fill the mug near to the top, there is the danger of the liquid within the mug overflowing due to the centrifugal force pushing the liquid against the walls of the mug.

So in the bag can not pack anything on the go but at work or at home, it is very convenient I do with cocoa and have not any lumps with cold Mich.

self stirring mug how it works

It is made a bit cheap but as a gift for a agitating with Kulli colleagues already a real asset. Sitten kun kaakaot laskeutuu pohjalle liikaa, uudestaan napista ja taas maistuu! Customer service. I create content online featuring technology, video games, news, reviews, tips, tricks and anything else that interests me. Have fun...

Self Stirring Mug

It is also fitted with a lid that also can be used as a coaster. Search term. The self stirring mug is not dishwasher safe and the whole cup should not be immersed in water. But supply and service incl.