Mr lim chow kiat

mr lim chow kiat

Dr Jaensubhakij will relinquish his current role as deputy group chief investment officer and president for public markets. Customers will still be kings and queens, but they will be captive.

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Advances in data science, UX, manufacturing technology and predictive modeling will bring us more tailor-made solutions. This time round, the pervasiveness, speed of change, concentration of power and degree of intimacy make the downsides more severe. He founded a charity, Honour Singapore , to promote a culture of honour and honouring for the well-being of the nation, and co-authored two books with Joanne H.

Business enterprises ultimately succeed or fail on whether they deliver customer value.

mr lim chow kiat

On technology investing, we started from Day One, first by investing in technology companies listed on major stock markets, and then quickly expanded into venture capital when we opened our San Francisco office in 1986. I look forward to the discussion later, and wish you all an enriching and fruitful day.

GIC appoints Lim Chow Kiat as CEO, group president Lim Siong Guan to retire

To do so, we build a diversified but equity-centric portfolio. Generating long-term returns requires care in sustainability. Privacy Statement Terms of Use. Second, we are soon reaching a point where every company is a technology company.

mr lim chow kiat

It lowers the risk because the founder will have some of his own capital invested less of a rush to monetise , more financial backing good track record and more ability to tie up with bigger platforms. Investing Perspective Let me now use more of an investor lens and highlight some observations:. We have seen the ups and downs, learned from our mistakes, and continued to improve.

Ignore small competitors nibbling at small parts of the business at your own risk.

GIC appoints Lim Chow Kiat as CEO; announces retirement of group president Lim Siong Guan

Deanna Ong was appointed Chief People Officer in April 2017 to oversee human capital strategy, talent management, leadership and organization development in GIC. Investing Perspective Let me now use more of an investor lens and highlight some observations: Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. All of a sudden, life is so much better. He will relinquish his current role as president of real estate. Fifth, some of the best investments in the tech space are not the first movers, but the fast followers.

mr lim chow kiat

This is especially so in the emerging markets, where unmet and undiscovered needs are greater, where leapfrogging opportunities are many. Indeed, customers have also discovered new needs.

mr lim chow kiat

The same is for e-commerce.