Jamilyn hull how did she die shaail

She was a leader. Thank you for reminding me what that looks like. Thank you for living boldly.

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She was on fire of Christ. Jamilyn Hull was a beautiful soul, inside and out, and her life reflected her relationship with the Lord profoundly. She was a daughter. Thank you for listen to His call. I know for a fact I can't say that about my life. Post a Comment. But it will be worth it. It was special and it was beautiful.

So, thank you so much Jamilyn, for living the example of a servant of God, who lived, loved and followed relentlessly through an open heart, filled with Christ. Post Comments Atom. Last Thursday night, a young woman I barely knew, was killed in a car accident. She was so many, many things.

She was a missionary She was a role model. Her heart was bursting with passion, dreams, compassion, joy, love and an absolute willing and readiness to serve her Father God. Nothing could hold her down. Thank you for being you.

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I know that in order to do this, I have to start with me.