Interpol 2015 interview on howard

Contemporary law enforcement challenges in Indonesia

Some 50 people were arrested in possession of drugs including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana during the operation which ran from 19 to 28 September. Although 13 countries had been hunting for this notorious Antarctic toothfish poaching vessel, it had repeatedly changed its identity characteristics to avoid detection, blacklisting and associated sanctions.

interpol 2015 interview on howard

Building on the arrest and seizures, a third phase of Operation Folosa, will include analysis of information and intelligence gathered — including names, photos and contacts from phone records and messaging apps - for further investigation. Investigations into the transnational organized crime networks behind the Benjina case are still ongoing. Participating countries in Operation Folosa: At the same time, catches and profits are declining due to illegal exploitation of fish stocks, often by the exact same operators.

Police General Tito Karnavian has pledged to transform INP into a modern police force which truly serves the Indonesian people by targeting 21st century crime challenges.

interpol 2015 interview on howard

Kidnapped, sold or coerced to leave their home countries for jobs abroad, the victims — all male — would be trafficked to the town of Benjina as cheap labour for the illegal fishing industry.

Analysis of information generated a list of some 200 suspected drug traffickers who had travelled extensively throughout Latin America. All rights reserved. All news Share Facebook. Post-rescue testimonials talk of food and water deprivation, torture, death by beatings and 20-22-hour days in brutal working conditions at sea.

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Profit seeking in the fisheries sector can create criminal incentives to import illegal immigrants for cheap labour. Tell me more I accept. The migrant nature of the workers, who have often been deceived into fishing employment, means that their families seldom know where they are. It is a global crime, affecting all countries, and requiring a global law enforcement response.

A 24-hour contact point and specialized teams provide targeted support to serious crime or disaster incidents.

interpol 2015 interview on howard

Our site uses cookies to ensure technical functionality, gather statistics and enable sharing on social media platforms. After a decade-long hunt by police forces worldwide, Indonesia intercepted the ship in its northern territorial waters last February, where it was operating illegally under the Nigerian flag.

interpol 2015 interview on howard

During the European Union EU -funded Operation Folosa, which involved 22 countries, law enforcement and customs officials conducted heightened controls on departing, transiting and arriving passengers at international airports on known smuggling routes, including via the Middle East. Foreign vessels caught fishing in its territorial waters are apprehended and subsequently destroyed.