How to tie dye a shirt rainbow

Here is a list of what I used.

Rainbow Tie Dye

View shipping rates and policies ASIN: Why was Tulip One-Step voted the favorite among tie-dye brands in a nationwide survey? I simply unwrap my piece, carefully remove the rubber bands and pull out the string. Turn the disc over and apply the second color to that side of the disc. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Register Or Login. Now that you have gotten your thread nice and tight its time to use rubber bands to hold your pattern shape.

how to tie dye a shirt rainbow

Allow the dye to set Place the t-shirt in a sealed plastic bag for 24 hours to allow the dye to fully react. Trend Kits. After my shirts have gone through a normal wash I just fill the washing machine with the least amount of water I need, dump in the soda ash let it swish around for a minute and then stop the wash.

This blue tie dye kit is perfect for allover color, one-color tie-dye effects or adding to your tie-dye party extras! Your newly tie-dyed t-shirt is now ready to be machine washed.

Tie-Dye Patterns: Easy DIY Instructions for a Spiral

Dyes of your choosing I used Magenta, Orange, Yellow, Lime green, Bright blue, and Violet Sewing needle and thread color of thread doesn't matter rubber bands rubber gloves I don't use them but I make the kids use them saran wrap and a tee shirt or tank top that has been prepped and a washable kids marker As a side note I do like to do my tie dye on a raised surface so if I over do the dyes they drip down.

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how to tie dye a shirt rainbow

Wear gloves and an apron or old clothes when working with the dyes. Step 4: Start drawing your arc line.

how to tie dye a shirt rainbow

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