How much did gm bond holders lose

GM's deal erased many average Americans' savings

Michael Cohen testifies before the House Oversight Committee. Toyota and Honda continued to increase their U.

how much did gm bond holders lose

Arguments continue in federal court and on the political stage. It was formed in 1919 to provide loans to General Motors' auto purchases. The government probably saved jobs but also gave the United Auto Workers Union a large ownership stake in the company.

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how much did gm bond holders lose

Continue Reading. Buy its corporate bonds, and you have lent the company money. Opposition from big and small investors pressured the Treasury to offer bondholders an additional 15 percent stake.

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It also had twice as many dealerships, thanks to state franchise regulations. The federal government took over GM and Chrysler in March 2009.

Warren Buffett. FCAU were headed for bankruptcy, but if they had gone bankrupt under Chapter 11, most of their factories would have stayed open and they would have continued making and selling cars. Chrysler entered bankruptcy on April 3, 2009.

how much did gm bond holders lose

In fact, tens of thousands of the bondholders of General Motors Corp. Since they had U.

Often-Mentioned 2008 Crisis Chiefly Forgotten

That was 400,000 fewer vehicles or the equivalent of two factories' annual output. It promised to sell its Saab, Saturn, and Hummer divisions, reducing the number of models for sale to 40. The Congressional Research Service estimated the loans saved 33,000 jobs. We should not forget, the auto sector also slammed into the wall because it was mired in debt and because of its ability to produce far too many vehicles.

Financial Crisis Obamacare Subprime Crisis. Please read our Comment Policy before commenting. On June 1, 2009, GM entered bankruptcy.

how much did gm bond holders lose