How can we support our farmers

The Buy a Bale appeal raises funds that will go straight into water, hay bales and feed for sheep and cattle, fuel to transport it, and grocery hampers for families purchased through local supermarkets. High-income nations have benefitted enormously from fossil fuels and the wealthy should now foot the bill to combat climate change. Services such as the Rural Financial Counselling Service have a vital role to play at all times before, during and after drought in giving advice to farmers weighing up the agonising decision to stay or leave.

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how can we support our farmers

Early research findings suggest that engaging in regenerative farming can improve drought resilience. The lessons we need to learn to deal with the 'creeping disaster' of drought. The National Farmers Federation has renewed its calls for a national drought policy and drought experts have expressed concern about reliance on emergency handouts.

Research by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences shows climate change has negatively affected the productivity of cropping farms, particularly in southern Australia.

how can we support our farmers

Drought relief: Other Ways to Listen Hope 103. There are links to a selection of drought charities at the end of this article, but here are a few things to consider. This means farming is an unusually risky business. But Ms Farr-Hodges said some farmers would not put their hands up for help, and getting to those people was harder.

how can we support our farmers

Farmers are vulnerable to variation in international commodity prices as well as droughts and other extreme events. Join us on Facebook. Read more: Many farmers are struggling to find or buy feed to keep their stock alive.

Federal and state governments have committed hundreds of millions of dollars in farmer support. A forest fire works its way through a wooded area in Saskatchewan in May 2018. Regenerative farming One investment being made by many farmers across Australia is the adoption of regenerative farming, in which the entire farming system is re-oriented with a goal of better using natural ecosystem processes to support production, and of better matching production to land capacity through different climatic conditions.

Through this appeal, owners of properties in holiday locations can offer the use of their property for free, so that a farmer or family doing it tough can have a much-needed break.

Such insurance, if done well, could provide farmers with better protection from climate risk, while also supporting adaptation and productivity growth — effectively sidestepping our current drought policy dilemma.

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how can we support our farmers

They help with stock feed, household and financial assistance, emotional help, and referrals to other support networks. But for others, the best decision can be to leave farming altogether.

Battling the Drought – How You Can Support Our Farmers

With Aussie farmers facing one of the worst droughts in our history, Hope listeners have been asking how they can make a difference. Private citizens and companies have also given generously to the cause.

This gives rise to an acute dilemma: