Back end of car squeaks when accelerating

The following errors occurred with your submission. Marc- Thanks for your question about your 06 Tacoma. I would check the diff vent to be sure its not clogged before assuming the seal is bad. But it seems related to the vehicle at lower speeds.

Is there a problem with the new shocks or is another component worn, do you think? Unless, the whole door panel will shake and get squeaky when accelerating the vehicle. Ball joints are much like your shoulder or hip joint where a stainless steel ball fits in a Teflon cup and provides the range of motion and rigidity needed.

In some cases, these mounts or joints may be integral to the suspension component so you may need to replace the entire control arm or shock absorber just to replace a single joint or bushing. Forgot Password?

back end of car squeaks when accelerating

My truck makes a high pitch sound after i turn it off and continues until i unhook the negative battery cables. Yeah, I found a few other threads on here that cited the U-joint as the culprit, but those people's descriptions of their problem didn't include anything about only getting that noise when pressing the gas, so I figured I might have a different problem.

If they dry out or get girt and dirt in them, it could cause noise. I also hear a whining noise when i turn the wheel stopped and for example pulling into a parking spot. While trying to figure it out they noticed that a PCV hose that was put in the car was the completely wrong part.

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Will only start if cranksensor is unplugged by Gary. VDCdriver 2013-07-13 15: Browse other content.

back end of car squeaks when accelerating

Based on your description of the sound only happening when you go over a bump with both wheels, our best guess is that it is a worn sway bar bushing that is causing the noise. Sway bars usually go bad before control arms so we would recommend starting there.

The noise cannot be replicated by pushing down on the rear of the car My car has 50000 miles.

back end of car squeaks when accelerating

Ball joints are used when the joint must be able to move in multiple plans such as rotating and moving up and down. Car squeaks when driving A squeal coming from any of your wheels can be a brake pad issue, Tech-Cor Research says. Try reading this article to see if any of the symptoms sound like the problem you are having: Since your front wheels do that majority of the braking and are also for steering and acceleration, your front tires will wear much more quickly than your rear tires.

Would this be in any way related to the ball joints? Tim Charlet Automotive Mechanic.

Why Do I have a Squeaky Suspension?

Chirping noise from Rear axle when accelerating. Read more. Saranda, You may want to check out our recent article on reasons why your car may be whining or squeaking when accelerating.

back end of car squeaks when accelerating