24 has how many seasons of fuller

Most popular. But, guess what: To switch from that to this in a matter of weeks feels desperate, as if the creators are casting around hopelessly just to get something on television again.

Show 25 25 50 100 All. If everything goes to plan, there will soon be a brand new, open-ended story about how a young Jack Bauer became the clench-jawed super-patriotic pro-torture superhero we all know and love.

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Look around now, at this landscape full of colossally expensive series that brim with big-name movie stars. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Drama Television US television features. Topics 24. Series six went too big, exploding nuclear bombs all over the shop, so series seven countered it by being a dour meditation on the consequences of enhanced interrogation.

I love 24 and Jack Bauer, but please, let them rest in peace

F irst, a disclaimer. At least Jack Bauer was reasonably complex, vacillating between regretful soul-sickness and outright sadism. CTU, ticking clocks, the entire concept of a soft perimeter; all of it should be parcelled up with packing tape and kicked into an active volcano. I say this with nothing but affection.

24 has how many seasons of fuller

If this was a fully thought-through idea, conceived over a number of years to be the equal of the original 24, then this might all make sense. I have always loved 24. I want you to preserve series one to series five in amber, then I want you to destroy the rest and quarantine the entire franchise for good.

24 has how many seasons of fuller

Just three months ago, Kiefer Sutherland was touting the idea of transforming 24 into a courtroom anthology series about a hard-bitten female prosecutor. Absolutely not. That said, they should absolutely not make any more 24.

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24 has how many seasons of fuller

Forget the fact that it might conceivably work. I love 24. Honest to God, I truly believe that 24 will be remembered as one of the most important television programmes in the history of the medium. Loading comments… Trouble loading?