Where to watch the breaking bad finale

Make the most of your AMC experience

See it as soon as possible! Since some of you haven't seen this series, I thought I would combine my comments into one response. Sign In Join. Many unlikely shows recommended to me have turned out to be all they were touted to be and are among my favs now. This is what I thought about it https: He asked that Cranston convey his praise to the rest of the cast, writers, and crew.

How to watch the Breaking Bad finale

There are striking Shakespearean qualities to this epic. The 1970s series is really a masterpiece with a splendid British cast, most of whom I was only previously familiar with one, Leslie-Anne Down, but have come to love them all. No one is more surprised than I. Are you sure you want to sign out?

Where to watch the Breaking Bad finale on Sunday (video)

I liked it. I was late to the Breaking Bad phenomenon and had to do a marathon to catch up though the seasons.

where to watch the breaking bad finale

I probably would not have even looked into anyone else's hub about it! Check out New York's best restaurants, hottest street style, cool apartments and more.

The 'Breaking Bad' Finale

How will Breaking Bad end? Sign in to complete account merge. I'm still dedicated to Jane Austen, too. He's such a genius. Nor will I debate the moral illogic of cheering for a gifted yet ruthless man who left so many destroyed lives in his wake. Open in the app. I appreciate your kind words.

where to watch the breaking bad finale

Your talents as a wordsmith are put to good use here. Another great article on one of the most unusual programs ever to lift television from a medium to a good!

I still am trying to refocus my eyes to see you really so into it, though. Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. I'm not sure I want to like it and be addicted to it.

where to watch the breaking bad finale