What type of bird eats dead animals

Herbivores are primary consumer s.


Carnivores and omnivores are secondary consumer s. Caryl-Sue, National Geographic Society. The Adventure of Geography.

Black bears feed mostly on fruit, nuts, and berries, but they, too, will eat dead animals. Hyenas have extremely strong jaws adapted to crush animal bone. For information on user permissions, please read our Terms of Service.


Urban development , the process of clearing land for homes, businesses, and agriculture , destroys animal habitat, the places where animals live in the wild. In addition to hunting, great white sharks feast on dead whales, fish, and pinniped s such as sea lions. Media Some media assets videos, photos, audio recordings and PDFs can be downloaded and used outside the National Geographic website according to the Terms of Service.

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This prevents bits of carrion, which can carry toxic bacteria , from sticking to feathers and infecting the bird. Some of the food the bears scavenged also poison ed them.

what type of bird eats dead animals

Lions, leopards, wolves, and other predator s—animals that hunt other animals—will eat carrion if they come across it.

Most have excellent eyesight and a strong sense of smell.

what type of bird eats dead animals

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what type of bird eats dead animals

Eels eat dead fish. Scavengers such as opossums, seagulls, and raccoons thrive on food in garbage cans. These include plant s and algae. Photograph by Chris Johns. Scavengers, however, can usually adapt well to an urban area or farmland. Thunderbirds With an average wingspan of about 3 meters 9 feet , the California condor, a type of vulture, is the largest North American bird. Alaskan brown bears feed on dead seals, walruses, and whales that have floated ashore.

what type of bird eats dead animals

Scavengers, other carnivores, and omnivore s, organisms that consume both plants and animals, are the third trophic level.

Foxes and coyotes are more likely to eat carrion in the winter when they cannot find other food. You cannot download interactives.