What is resistance wiki answers

I have heard some people talk a bit about negative resistance, but I have never really understood it.


A normal circuit with a resistor following ohm's law has a current drop, when the voltage decreases. Electrical engineering Electric circuits analysis Quizzes.

what is resistance wiki answers

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Note that with a negative resistance, the voltage and current have opposite signs. The electrical resistance per unit length, area, or volume of a substance is known as resistivity.

what is resistance wiki answers

Three 1 ohm resistors are connected in parallel. If you plot voltage vs.


Its just behavior on the V-I graph, where there is a negative slope, and operating in that region would give you a behavior of negative resistance.

Resistance contrasts with conductance , which is a measure of the ease with which electrical current flows through a substance.

what is resistance wiki answers

If you're a workaholic then you can go to the next page. Kirchhoff's Current Law.

Electric Circuit Analysis/Circuit Analysis Quiz 1

Type classification: Simple Resistive Circuits. Powered by: Power into a load is the voltage accross it times the current thru it. Quiz Test. To understand why these things don't exist naturally, consider the power tranfer.

The standard unit of resistance is the ohm , sometimes written out as a word, and sometimes symbolized by the uppercase Greek letter omega: This rule also holds true for most low-frequency alternating-current AC systems, such as household utility circuits.

what is resistance wiki answers